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Dawn Price Baby Introduces Signature Events, Corporate Baby Shower & Celebrations

Premier baby and child retailer caters to busy professionals with onsite event planning

Leading local and online baby and child store, Dawn Price Baby, is excited to announce the launch of Dawn Price Baby Signature Events (DPB Signature Events) offering corporate baby shower planning and catering from the premier baby store in the Washington DC area. DPB Signature Events offer delicious menu options, superior gift concierge services and feature the Washington D.C. area retail chain’s trademark style.

DPB Signature Events helps organizations properly celebrate the arrival of a co-worker’s new child, with minimal disruption to the workplace. DPB Signature Events staff take the legwork out of organizing and planning corporate baby showers, allowing employees to balance personal milestones with professional obligations.

Baby shower themes are available in a variety of colors and styles from which to choose, including soft pink, baby blue and lemon yellow. Stylish decorations are carefully installed in your office space (and removed) by DPB Signature Events staff. A variety of menu choices including custom cakes and cupcakes are delivered onsite. A highlight of the event is the one-of-a-kind Candy Table - a buffet of delicious hand-made candies such as cake balls, marshmallow pops, chocolate-dipped pretzels and old-fashioned hard candies. Each Candy Table is thoughtfully color-matched to the theme.

In addition to the event planning, Dawn Price Baby’s Baby Concierge Services will help recommend gifts for the parent-to-be. Available at no cost in person, by phone or email, consultants provide expert guidance and advice for gift selections.

“We’ve received many requests for this expanded service. As sure as Washington has traffic, baby showers are hastily being organized for co-workers. Washington D.C. clients rely on our stores for top of the line baby gifts; why not leave the entire baby shower to us, too?” says Dawn Price, owner of Dawn Price Baby. “It’s a smart investment for employers who benefit from a balance of happy, family-friendly programs and distraction-free, productivity.” For more information about Dawn Price Baby Signature Events, please contact: or call 866-934-BABY.

Founded in 2003 by Dawn Price, Dawn Price Baby currently has four locations in the Washington DC area: Georgetown, Eastern Market, Reston Town Center and the newest location in the Mosaic District in Northern Virginia, as well as an online store. It has continued to grow and offer customers the best name brand baby products available on the market. Visit for more information.

Merrifield (Mosaic District) Store - Opens this weekend!

Dawn Price Baby's Merrifield store opens this weekend!

Our fourth (and largest!) Washington DC area store will be opening this Saturday, October 13th, in Merrifield, Virginia. Joining retailers such as Target, South Moon Under and Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus, we are excited to be part of the exciting new Mosaic District retail and entertainment complex.

If you haven’t been to Merrifield in a while, you may be surprised to see the changes this corner of NoVA has undergone in the past few months. Long gone are the construction rentals, the car repair shop and the 1970’s multiplex theater. In their place is a very hip, urban development the likes of which Northern Virginia has not seen.

I’d venture to say the Mosaic District is in the same league as Reston Town Center when it comes to shopping and entertainment. A LEED Silver-certified Neighborhood Development Program, the Mosaic center features a unique urban design where similar retailers are grouped into “districts” making for easier shopping, dynamic nightlife and a thoughtful residential experience. Fashion, Markets, Film & Dining and Residential properties are purposefully located, making for an easy visit. Sidewalks are wide, parking is generous, walking distance to the Metro - what’s not to love?

Given all of this, it was an easy decision to open our second NoVa location here. Reston Town Center and Mosaic both offer my fellow suburban parents something that has been missing - a family-friendly place to stroll, shop, eat, live and simply relax. I’m excited that my store is part of this mix of retailers, especially given that we are a local chain, born right here in Washington DC.

The weekend weather looks to be sunny and in the 60’s -- a perfect DC fall weekend. Put on a cozy sweater, dust off your boots and bring your family to our newest store at the Mosaic District. Get ready for some serious shopping, take a stroll in Strawberry Park and finish your day with a nice meal at one of the many restaurants. We’ll have balloon makers, an ice cream truck and enjoy 10% off your purchase on opening day (excludes strollers, gift cards and custom orders).

Two New Locations in Northern Virginia

Dawn Price Baby Announces Plans to Open Two New Locations in Northern Virginia

Premier Baby and Child Retailer Expands Operations to Offer the "Best of the Best" Baby Products in the Reston Town Center and Merrifield Mosaic District

Reston, VA – December 7, 2011 – Leading local and online baby and child store, Dawn Price Baby, today announced plans to open two new stores in the thriving Northern Virginia area in 2012. In February, Dawn Price Baby will open its third location at the Reston Town Center, and add a fourth store in the Mosaic District of Merrifield, Virginia in the fall.

Dawn Price Baby in the Reston Town Center will join a variety of retailers such as Anthropologie, South Moon Under and J Crew on Market Street, occupying space between the Vapiano eatery and the Paper Source. With approximately 1500 square feet of space, the store will offer an extended collection of name brand clothing, strollers, carriers, high chairs and other baby gear.

The new Merrifield location, scheduled to open in October 2012 will become the baby and child retailer's largest location, with approximately 1800 square feet of space in the area's new Mosaic District, an emerging shopping, food and entertainment venue.

According to the store’s founder and owner, Dawn Price, the new stores offer her an opportunity to showcase “best of the best” baby products to shoppers just outside the D.C. Metro area. “The predominance of bigger box stores in Northern Virginia has actually created a need for specialty retailers with niche market expertise,” said Price. “Because of our focus on products and gear made specifically for children age six and under, we know what will work best for our shoppers. My staff and I have done the research, driven the strollers, tested the baby gear and put our own children in the clothes we carry. We can recommend baby gear that fits a customer's needs and help find a gift that truly is perfect.”

In addition to a large collection of baby gifts and clothing from labels such as the Tea Collection, Aden + Anais and Charlie Rocket, the new Dawn Price Baby locations will stock in-store gear from a wide variety of manufacturers including Baby Jogger, Ergo and Bloom. New mothers and moms-to-be will have an opportunity to test, handle and try out baby registry products they may use for several years within a growing family, as well as discuss particular brands and features with the store’s experienced staff.

Founded in 2003 by Dawn Price, Dawn Price Baby currently has two locations in the Georgetown and Eastern Market neighborhoods of Washington, DC, as well as an online store. It has continued to grow and offer customers the best name brand baby products available on the market.

For more information, please contact or call 866-934-BABY. You can also follow the Dawn Price Baby Blog and Facebook page to get up to date information on new store construction progress and special events.

For more information about the Mosaic District please see their website at

Baby Concierge Services

Dawn Price Baby now offers moms-to-be a convenient way to register for all their baby needs while shopping at their local boutique. Through our partnership with Great Beginnings, the largest baby store in the nation, we can now offer you access to pack 'n plays, crib mattresses, highchairs -- everything you need for your baby registry and more!

So, come in and browse our store or comprehensive Baby Registry Catalog, register for the items you need, tell your friends and family, and we will take care of the rest!

If you are looking for a particular item, please ask us. If we don't have it on the floor or online, we will try to get it for you.

  • one convenient place to shop and register for your baby
  • boutique experience with a superstore selection
  • one place to send family and friends to buy gifts

How do you use the Baby Concierge Services?
  • Shop by Appointment - call to book a consultation and we will go over the baby registry items with you.
  • Shop Independently - come in and look around the store and browse the catalog. If you need help, we are here.
  • Shop by phone or email - can't come down? No problem - work with us over the phone or by email to identify the items you need and we will set up your registry for you.

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Welcome, New Baby!

Once you break the news about baby-on-the-way, it begins… People want to know whether it’s a boy or a girl, what your theme is, and "what you need." Chances are, you don’t know yourself, and you’re feeling guilty because despite pregnancy, you still can’t fathom the idea of painting teddy bears, ducks or even dear old Pooh on the wall. We’re here to tell you not to worry – you’re not alone – and we’ve got some tips for figuring out what you need (and what you don’t).

  • Assess your space and your needs. Before you commit to anything, measure the room, and think about what you really need. If you are converting a den or home office into the baby’s room or have an older home, chances are there isn’t a closet or much space. Choose furniture that performs “double duty,” such as an armoire with drawers that acts as both closet and dresser; or a dresser with a changing area on top.
  • Commit to a style; not a theme. Even if you have a special affinity for a particular character, animal or theme, it’s best not to make it the foundation of your nursery. Choose furniture that matches the style of your home, and pieces with a similar look, color and finish. Whether you are thinking modern or traditional, you can usually find a variety of coordinated pieces.
  • Remember: Safety first. It’s both tempting and practical to accept hand-me-down baby furniture. They don’t stay babies for long, and secondhand furniture can look brand new. But before you accept used cribs, cradles or changing tables, read up on safety standards. And don’t let a well-meaning donation rule your nursery. Be prepared to decline a generous offer if it’s not something you really want or need.
  • Get ready to change. Before you nix the idea of a changing table, consider this: is it easier to have diapers and supplies stashed all over the house so you can change anywhere or located in one central place with wipes, creams and other supplies? Sometimes a trip to the changing table gives baby a much needed change of scenery or break when helpful guests (read: in-laws) are hovering. When baby gets fussy, sometimes all it takes is a 10-minute break upstairs with Mom and a clean diaper to turn his or her mood around. Changing tables come in a variety of different styles and sizes and provide great storage space – even after baby learns to use the bathroom.
  • Think long-term. Babyhood flies by. Baby-boy blue or baby-girl pink might make for a beautiful infant’s room, but it can wear on you quickly. If you are converting a den or office to temporarily serve as baby’s room before you move to a bigger place, you may not want to spend the money to repaint the room to sell the house or apartment. Click here to choose from a palette of colors that will make any room beautiful.

Have a Seat!
High chairs may be one of the most useful, albeit stickiest, items in the house. After the excitement of spoon-feeding for the first time wears off, many new moms dread the thought of facing off with a messy high chair or moving it around to accommodate guests or the vacuum. Fortunately, high chairs have come a long way. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Fresco by Bloom
    Why we love it:  It tilts; it swivels; it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. It’s comfy, safe, and the clean design (not a lot of “nooks and crannies”) makes it easy to clean. It also grows with baby.  This is one high chair even a “big boy” or “big girl” won’t mind using well into the toddler years.
  • The Nano
    Why we love it: Basic, easy, and it FOLDS (for real…because the seat folds flat, you can actually stick this behind a door or in a closet during a dinner party.)And it’s easy to clean – you can even stick the tray in the dishwasher.
  • The Me Too! Chair
    Why we love it: Older babies can actually join you at the dinner table. No tray to clean, and no food stuck between the booster seat and the chair (in other words, baby’s mac and cheese can’t act as a super gluing agent binding the booster seat to the chair). It’s also portable, making it easier to eat out again!

Getting Down to Business
With the state of the economy, everyone is thinking smarter these days. The fact is that kids grow fast – and it doesn’t matter if you think that is good thing or bad thing – it still happens. So, the question is: how do you outfit your little ones while being smart and fashionable?

  • Layering. Layering is one of the easiest ways to be smart and keep your kids looking great. Think about some of the short sleeved shirts that your little one can still wear, but are now stored because it’s a bit cold. Well, throw on a solid colored tee underneath and, presto, you have prolonged the life of one shirt while keeping the tike warm and comfy!

    How about the little girl that can’t quite give up that super cute halter or strappy dress? Too short now? Well, throw on a hip pair of jeans or leggings underneath it and both of you will be happy with the results. If, again, it is a bit colder, then throw on a cute cardigan and you have the trendiest, warmest girl around. We absolutely love layering at Dawn Price Baby, so check out some of the great long-sleeved tees from Tea Collection, leggings from Mimi & Maggie and for baby, leg warmers, that will help prolong the life of your favorite tops and dresses.
  • Remember “high-water” pants? Well, for those that don’t – a quick reminder may be in order. Remember hearing your mom saying “I can’t believe these pants are too short already…I just bought them! You are growing too fast!” Well, if this happened and you still ended up wearing them – for whatever reason – they were called high-waters. If this is now happening to your little one, then we have a tip for you! Cuff them. That’s right; cuffing them turns them into the cutest pedal pushers or long shorts. Go ahead and throw some cute flats, flip flops or even boots on and you just extended the life of these infamous high-waters.

  • For women, it’s the white t-shirt and dark jeans. Over the years, we’ve all learned that a nice white t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans are good investments. You can pair either item with a trendy scarf, sweater or jacket that may have cost next-to-nothing, and no one will ever know – because you’ve got a great foundation. The same rule applies to baby clothes. A good onesie with a nice neck makes any jumper, cardigan or dress work – no matter where it is from or how much you spent on it.
    It makes no sense to splurge on a beautiful sweater or jumper, only to pair it with a cheap onesie that doesn’t wash well, stretches every time you put it over your baby’s head and can’t hold its shape against a sleeve-chewer. Build a strong foundation for baby like you would yourself. It will impact every outfit, and save you money in the long-run – it will wash better, hold its shape and fit for a while longer because it is true-to-size.

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